February 9, 2012

L'Oreal Evercreme Cleansing Conditoner Review

L'Oreal has had success with it's Everpure drugstore line - sulfate free shampoos, conditioners and styling products - and has slowly added more lines. The cleansing conditioner is part of the Evercreme line, the newest addition to our local drugstores! As soon as I saw a cleansing conditioner from L'Oreal, I knew I had to try it. Cleansing conditioners have been mostly a specialty item until now, mostly purchased by with customers with curly or very dry hair. There are a few stores that carry them but nothing like the range of stores that carries L'Oreal's product. I found mine in my local CVS for $6.99. Now if it works long term... that is saving a lot of money! Instead of buying shampoo and conditioner every time, you can buy a cleansing conditioner. And for $7 + change, that isn't a bad deal.

To preface this review: if you have an oily scalp that you must wash every day, this might not be the ideal product for you to use. You can try it, it could be a nice break in between washes, but it is specified for "any dry hair type".

The bottle is pretty typical but one small difference is the pump. I wish more shampoos and conditioners would come in pumps, they are so much easier to use. I've read some negative thoughts about the pump however. The gist of it is that the pump does not dispense enough product. I think with a cleansing conditioner you do have to be wary of how much you are using, it's not like shampoo where you can keep adding more and not really see a big difference (except squeaky clean hair). So in my opinion the pump dispensing small amounts is a good thing, it's always good to start slow with a new product and see how much works for your hair and scalp. I used about 5 pumps and it was perfect.

It does have a fragrance. If you do not like fragrances, you most likely won't like this. So please do smell before you buy. I always do!

It lathers fairly well for a sulfate free conditioner. I have had SLS free shampoos that didn't lather as well as this! So don't be worried about your hair feeling dirty. I left it in for about 3 minutes and then rinsed out. My hair was much silkier and softer, and clean. Perfect. This is all I ever want my shampoo and conditioner to do, and this product did a better job. It was very easy to comb out after as well. I used my Blow the Heat is On Protective Styling Mist and and Joico K-Pak Color Restorative Styling oil and did a nice blow dry. My hair looks really smooth (no frizzies!!) and feels amazing.

I will continue to update to see how well this product performs long term- but as of now, I am a happy camper!

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