February 10, 2012

Smashbox Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette- For Blue Eyes

Another great palette! My conversion to Smashbox eye palettes started with the Eye Lights palette a year or so ago. I have it in "Beam" - it's absolutely gorgeous and people seem to compliment my eye makeup a lot when I am wearing it. People have also complimented me when wearing this palette as well. Go Smashbox!

Smashbox has 3 palettes in the photo op collection; for blue eyes, hazel eyes, and brown eyes. All of the colors are beautiful so I'm sure any eye color can find something usable, whether it be neutral or contrasting. I obviously went with blue! This is an interesting palette because unlike other palettes made for certain eye colors, it's pretty technically correct. Eyeshadow #2 in the top row and #1 in the bottom row have a distinctly orange-peach color when applied. Some people may not like that, but when you play with it you can see it really does enhance blue eyes. Anyone who has taken color theory or just looked at a color wheel knows that orange complements blue. When shaded and mixed with the other shades in the palette the colors look quite nice.

The sizes of the eyeshadows are pretty generous- I've seen some palettes with shadows the size of a dime! Sorry, but so not for me. I don't want to worry about running out of color in the first month. They are fairly smooth and don't create a lot of fall out, which is nice when I forget to do my eyes before my face. The browns are true browns- and I love the matte brown they included on the bottom row. It's a nice collection of colors; I've easily created day and night time looks and haven't wished for more of a selection. The only color I haven't used a whole lot is the silvery shade on the top row... Maybe someone can enlighten me with ideas for that!

The packaging is sturdy and easy to travel with because it's slim. I like that they didn't include any fluff pieces- like the eyeshadow brushes most palettes come with but no one ever uses! Now I can look at a nice palette without an empty area on the bottom where the brushes used to be. All in all, I would recommend this palette to someone with blue eyes, and to everyone else for great neutral shades.

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