January 27, 2012

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Palette

Boy am I glad I got my hands on this palette. It's hard to find, you may or may not be able to purchase it still since it is a limited edition. I did see some at my local Macy's though! I took this on vacation with me recently and it was so perfect. It was my first introduction to Urban Decay eye shadows and I now clearly see what everyone raves about.

The shadows are so smooth and pigmented, they are like a more refined Stila shadow. The colors are gorgeous and very versatile. At first glance the size of the eye shadows may look small but they pack a lot of punch and you don't need to roll your brush around in them to get enough color. One dab does the trick, so I expect that they will last a long time. If you can get your hands on this palette, buy it. The packaging is pretty if not that efficient. The lid is not a super snug fit, but if you store it properly it won't fall off. The first picture shows the small compartment under the shadows- not sure why they included this feature but it is interesting. I would say store earrings, necklaces, or money in there if you are traveling. Most criminals won't look in a makeup case for money! Overall this is a fabulous palette with great color payoff and quality.


  1. i love the secret compartment. and the palette has the perfect set of colors for any occasion. thanks for sharing :D

  2. Haha it is pretty cool & unusual. Of course, thanks for reading and commenting! :)