January 26, 2012

Victoria's Secret Hello Bombshell Makeup Palette

I am typically not a fan of palettes- the prices! But I have gotten some awesome deals lately over the holidays and I am going to share them with you. I got the Victoria's Secret Bombshell palette for a measly $7 and change! Amazing. And the retail price was around $30. This palette can't hold up to eye shadows like Urban Decay or Stila, but they are decent. They are pigmented and most have shimmer, although there are a few matte options. It comes with a mini lipliner, eyeliner, mascara, some sponge tipped applicators, and a small brush. I find the applicators and brush in these kits to be useless most of the time, but if you figure out how to work them- I am impressed.

The blush colors seem to be more geared towards fairer skin tones, and they are nice. The bronzer and highlighter are pretty when first applied, but I found that throughout the day they faded and streaked a bit. Disappointing! But... I might have gotten overexcited and applied too many layers- :D. Overall it's a good palette. The case is shiny, black, and sturdy. If you can get it as a discount it makes a great gift for a first time makeup user or younger family member. And at $7, I will be using this palette.